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Serving customers since 1998

Lawrence School of Drumming has been educating students for 21 years now. We use teaching techniques that are fun, simple and informational for all ages and levels!! We teach all genres of music for the drum set, with Rock, Classic Rock and Progressive Rock being our specialty! We offer 30 and 60 min private lessons year round. We have recitals, drum camps, band development, competitions, parties and annual awards!

Latest News

The Lawrence School of Drumming Annual awards is getting a face lift! Starting in 2019, there will be six different events and/or competitions that will earn each student 50 bonus points per event which can be used as bonus points for the Drum Off at the end of the year!  They currently include:  January: Learn five  new songs on the drum set. 

March: connecting the dots worksheet! 

May: Perform in the Lawrence School of Drumming Recital.  

June and July: Drummer of the Summer Competition. 

Summer (Dates to be determined) for Drum Camp. In October there will be a competition to be determined. As a bonus, any student participating in all six events will receive an additional 100 points!!

Latest News

There is new merchandise available including hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts in the Dungeon of Drumming  new logos. All merchandise can be seen here on this website. However, they need to be ordered through my studio. 

The Lawrence School of Drumming Christmas Party will be held on Saturday January 19, 2019 from noon until 5:00! Everyone who wants to to participate in the Black Elephant gift exchange needs to bring a wrapped gift around the $10 or more price range. You can bring a dish to pass if you would like but it is not necessary! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and I hope I see you all at the Christmas party!

Latest News

I currently have three Dungeon of Drumming books published and available for sale including:

Dungeon of Drumming Book 1:

This book includes many 1/8 note and 1/16 note, one handed and two handed rock beats, fills and much more for beginner's, Intermediate and advanced students!

Dungeon of Drumming book 2:

This book includes 1/4 note rock beats, triplet syncopation, and ghost stroke beats with much more for all levels!

Dungeon of Drumming Double Bass Book 1

1/8 &1/16 double bass beats and fill concepts!!

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